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  • Counseling for Trauma

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    At Waypoint 58, we understand that unresolved trauma effects your entire life. The sensitivity to people, places, and things can make you feel isolated and afraid. Avoiding triggers gets in the way of who you want to be. It may seem impossible to live a more fulfilling life outside of the boundaries you have created for yourself. You just want to feel safe. Let us be the first to tell you that YOU CAN escape from this grip. There is nothing wrong with you. Read that again, there is nothing wrong with you. We can help you navigate your past and free yourself.

    Trauma changes your brain

    When we are exposed to traumatic events, either directly or indirectly in some cases, it triggers a natural response in our brain. The amygdala, a small part deep inside the brain becomes activated. This kicks off our natural “fight, flight, or freeze” response. A massive amount of energy builds up and shifts from executive functioning (language, thought, self-control, and even working memory) to our sympathetic nervous system which prepares our bodies to respond to the event. If we are unable to successfully respond, it stays with us but not as a normal memory. This is because the energy has been redirected away from executive functioning which would usually be used to properly store the event. The memory is still stored however. It is stored in the body and the brain doesn’t know what to do with it. This is why triggers feel so powerful and confusing! Our body is behaving as if the event is happening again even there is not a current threat. This constant overactivation of the sympathetic nervous system is why it can feel impossible to relax and find safety.

    There is nothing wrong with you

    The response to trauma is a natural function of the body’s self-defense system. What you are experiencing is a normal response to a perceived threat. The problem is the threats can seem to be everywhere and out of control which makes it difficult to function. Any rational person would feel unsafe. The good news is the changes to your brain are reversable. You can take the power back from your triggers and properly process your past. Trauma can go from the cause of crippling symptoms to a safely stored memory.

    What we do

    We can help you to reverse the changes trauma has caused in your brain. By using evidence based therapeutic processes we can help you to live a more fulfilling life. We work with you to:

    • Define safety and understand your perceived threats
    • Learn and practice self-regulation which deactivates the sympathetic nervous system
    • Safely explore and integrate your past
    • Learn how to grow and improve resiliency

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