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About Waypoint 58

We are here for you! Our mission is helping people struggling with mental health regain their power through choices.

Our main function is working within individuals, organizations, and through legislation in order to dissolve the stigma against people with mental health needs and reaching out in innovative ways to provide help to those people.

About Vance

I am a client centered therapist which means I believe in helping you find the answers you may already have inside. I have experience working with teens and adults and understand the unique challenges for both. Sometimes anxiety, depression, and addiction forces us to make choices we don't want to make. Choices that lead us down a path of pain and destruction. I believe that once we become aware of our thoughts and behaviors we regain the ability to choose. This empowers us to get past our addiction and find a more meaningful life.

My story has brought me through several different experiences in my life that have led me to my choice to become a therapist. I spent many years in business as a consultant and my focus was helping clients understand the problems their business' had. This transitions naturally to helping people. My experience gives me a unique ability to help my clients see themselves from a different perspective.

I have a BS from Regis University and I am currently in my internship with Colorado State University to gain my Masters in Addiction Counseling. I am a Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado (NLC.0110647) and I practice under the supervision of a Colorado Licensed Addiction Counselor. I use my education, experiences, and my personal recovery story to help others live a better life.